Car and Truck Accidents

Every time a vehicle hits the road, an accident is a very real possibility. According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, a car accident happens once every 8 seconds. Vehicles are potentially dangerous, which is why drivers are required to have a license to operate them. This is especially true when it comes to big rigs; the thing is with an 18 wheeler accident, the damage to people and property tend to be serious.

There were about 270,000 truck accidents in the US in 2011, with more than 3,000 fatalities and 60,000 injuries. It would be safe to say that for crashes involving an 18-wheeler and a car, the occupants of the car would be worse off than the truck driver, which is why it is important to give any large trucks in the vicinity a wide berth.

While truck drivers are professionals and strictly regulated, driver error is still the top reason for truck accidents. This includes distracted driving, no-zone accidents, errors in distance estimation, speeding, and braking errors. Some accidents occur through acts of sheer negligence such as intoxicated driving, exceeding hours of service, and malfunctioning vehicles due to poor maintenance. While the fault may be the truck driver’s, the ones who pay the highest price in terms of bodily harm are the occupants of the other vehicles and hapless pedestrians.

Liability for acts of negligence by a truck driver which results in car-truck accidents or pedestrian-truck accidents that lead to serious injury or death is shared by the driver and owner of the truck in varying degrees. It is up to a competent personal injury or wrongful death lawyer to correctly determine the proximal cause of the accident, which parties may be liable, and to prepare the case for litigation. In some instances, the auto manufacturer and other parties may also be found liable for an accident.

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