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John Eddie Williams, Jr.: Standing up for The Little Guy

A lot of people grow up never knowing who or what they want to become in life. Some of the time, they blame the lack of proper guidance or are never made aware of the choices that they have. Fortunately enough for so many people, this is not the story of John Eddie Williams, Jr.

Williams was born to a mother who was fascinated by the law and often encouraged him to pursue it in his youth. He even goes on record to say that his mother used to announce that “Johnny is going to be a lawyer!” to many people. This, he stated, opened his eyes to the possibility. And growing up in a household that deeply respected unions and labor workers, Williams has a strong sense of integrity and justice for standing up for the underdog, for the proverbial “little guy”, so to speak.

And his name is one that has proven itself worthy of trust. He graduated cum laude from Baylor University in 1976, finished Baylor University School of Law in 1978; he then went on to receive the Baylor Lawyer of the Year award from them in 2002, and the Baylor Alumnus of the Year for the year 2012-13. His dedication to seeking justice for individual workers has not gone unnoticed and he actively pursues these cases in order to make sure that these individuals are only given the most fair and just trials, allowing for them to receive their dues from the guilty parties involved.

Following an explosion in 1999, Williams was able to defend a case that allowed for a family to receive $117 million as compensation for the damages done to them. He is also known to have handled cases against pharmaceutical defects or cases involving big tobacco companies. He is unafraid to tackle big brand companies head on, representing the little guy even against a Goliath of a company.