The Latest Ford Car Technologies: Driving Luxuries You can Afford

Would you ever consider parking you car where the space available is just enough for its size? Well, I guess if you have no intentions of getting out, then you probably would consider. If you’re driving a Ford, however, this scenario will never be a concern; for even in very tight spaces you can park your car – that is, by getting out first and letting it park by itself.

This latest technology, which many hope would be standard equipment in Ford cars still to be released this year, is the Fully Assisted Parking Aid (FAPA). It scans parking areas for available spaces through the use of ultrasonic sensors. As soon as it spots a parking space the device alerts the driver, who may then get out of the car and go on to park his/her car using a remote control.

The remote control will enable the driver to steer, brake, accelerate and switch gears until the car is parked, rear first (there is no clarity yet if the car is capable of head-in parking, a requirement in some US communities).

This remarkable parking capability is not the total icing on the cake, though, for with it is Ford’s Obstacle Avoidance technology, which either automatically stops the car or makes the car steer around pedestrians or slow-moving cars to avoid accidents. This is done through the aid of a camera, which can scan up to 660 feet or 200 meters of space ahead, ultrasonic sensors and three radar units.

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